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Medical presentations made easy.
You will feel more excitement and less fear before your next presentation


Presentations-Plus - Confidence in presentations
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your online course in presentations



Work with me on one of the two biggest fears of humanity - fear of public speaking.

I will guide you through a number of experiences and exercises that will help you reduce the fear and increase your self-confidence.







The technical side of creating a great presentation can be a challange. This course is designed to help you build presentations that are easy to digest both for the author and the audience.

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Did you know...

...that the fear of public speaking is one of two greatest fears of humanity?

The other one is DEATH. And death is not necessarily number one. 

There are people out there who would rather die than go up onto the stage to present. 

This is no joke. 

You are sitting in front of an empty presentation

and don't know where to start?

What are the two biggest challenges of people expected to prepare presentations?

One is fear. 

The other is: where to start? 

A structured approach to building the design of your presentation is not usually taught at school. Though it should be. 

Survey I performed before building this site showed that this is the second most important issue people have with presentations. 


If nothing changes, nothing changes

Courtney C. Stevens

You may decide to find your way around fear and through technical challenges on your own. Like I did. It took a few years though. Or you may want to join my Video Course that will get you there faster. 

If you do nothing else but to take part in this course you will see the change in your attitude towards presentations. 

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I am here to help.

You will feel less stress and more excitement before your next presentation.

I've been presenting professionally for 2 decades now. And before that one decade as a novice. 

My name is Oskar Zgraj and I am a pediatric surgeon. In my line of work it is expected from doctors in training to give presentations frequently to their departments, hospitals and important professors during medical conferences. 

Only too often have I seen people struggling on the stage. Struggling with stress. Struggling with the slides. Struggling with the audience falling asleep or not paying attention. So I decided to help...


always quite a bold person but even so

I would get an occasional stage fright for (apparently) no reason. Soon enough I found that I have a battery of ways to overcome my fear. And thus I started to use them consciously and write them down one by one. 

Once written down I started to share these thoughts with my immediate departmental colleagues. To my surprise the troubles they were having with putting their presentations together and overcoming fear of public speaking had one common reason - nobody told them what to do. 

Then I said to myself...

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I am here to help.

And so I started to help people one by one and sometimes in smaller and larger groups. Soon I realised that in order to help many more people I need to change strategy. And then an idea of an online course came up. 

Before starting to prepare this course I send a survey to my friends and colleagues asking what gives them the most trouble in presentations. Two main problems emerged:

1. Fear of public speaking

2. Technical difficulties in preparation of slides. 

I wrote a plan and started recording. And that's how this course came to life. 

What's in the course?

In 10 Modules of my Course you will find:

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Lessons explaining sources of fear. Lessons how to take a positive stance both mentally and emotionally.

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Recipes for simple and efficient presentations using various platforms. 

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Exercises forcing your body, your emotions, your mind and your subconsciousness to work for you instead of against you. 

Want to see?

Only if my style of teaching suits you, will you  get the most out of this course. So go ahead and watch those 3 actual course lessons for free before making up your mind.